Sledge Hammer Demolition Workout

The most valuable asset in life is a depreciating asset of time. The fact you have the time to still create change is something you can never take for granted. As you look back on your life, wondering if you accomplished everything you could, will your answer be “Yes?” In his Sledge Hammer Demolition Workout,… Read more »

Success In The Fitness Industry – Video Blog

At a recent fitness expo, Greg was asked by the director to speak at a private seminar to many of the top fitness models and discuss with them how they could find success in the fitness industry. This closed session was filmed and now you can see what Greg had to say to them in… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Red Meat Cigarette Roll

  Greg invites you into his kitchen as he prepares Red Meat Cigarette Rolls. This steak and vegetable dish is delicious, easy to prepare, and will provide your body with the protein your muscles need to grow after an intense workout. The carbs and protein in this meal will provide the ideal fuel to keep… Read more »

LEGit Leg Workout

“The pain you feel today becomes the peace you have tomorrow.” Prepare yourself for an all out war on your legs, as Greg unleashes LEGit, his complete leg workout. This grueling leg workout is guaranteed to unleash the growth as it targets your quads and hams with exercises you have never seen before. Make it… Read more »

Ignition Series: Chair Workout

  Ignite your fitness level with the second of Greg’s Ignition Series Workouts, the Chair Workout, a full body circuit workout that you can do anywhere. The Ignition Series Workouts were designed by Greg for any level of experience, but have been tailored towards those at the beginner and intermediate level. Whether you’re a beginner,… Read more »

The Internal Voice – Video Blog

As summer ends and we return to the pressure cooker of life, Greg offers some advice to a marine, who has his own dreams, but has suffered a setback and now fear of failure has settled in, robbing him of his confidence to reach his goals. Greg offers some heartfelt advice on how he, and… Read more »

Curl Superiority Workout

“The more pain you endure today equates to more peace you’ll have tomorrow.” Prepare your biceps to be tested as they have not been tested before. Greg unleashes his Curl Superiority Workout showing you exercises you’ve never seen or done before. This five round tri-set workout will attack both heads of the biceps from every… Read more »

IRON MAN Cover Shoot

Go behind the scenes with Greg and Jamie Eason, the “Ken and Barbie” of the fitness world, as they pair up for the first time to shoot the cover of the May 2012 issue of IRON MAN Magazine. The issue includes an article written by Greg on developing the mind-set of a champion. The… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Beef Bell Bottoms

  Greg shares another amazing recipe that will help you get 110% out of your efforts in the gym, Beef Bell Bottoms. This easy to prepare meal is high-protein and low-carb, providing the perfect fuel your muscles need to grow, fulfilling the demand created after an intense workout. This is one meal you’ll definitely put… Read more »

The 3 Dimensional Life – Video Blog

How do you know when you’re on the right path in life? How do you build a legacy of achievement and accountability? In a powerful new video blog, Greg explains how the smallest things in life hold more value than you think and the way you deal with those seemingly insignificant things can build a… Read more »

Will Power – Video Blog

“It’s hard to put the effort in to create greatness, but it’s a lot harder to accept the reality that you could have been great.” Greg breaks down a simple, five step process to help you use will power to create involuntary, habitual changes and wipe out the parasites in life that block you from… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Muscledon Blue

Greg shares his recipe for another delicious meal that will take your hard work in the gym and help you get 110% of your effort out of it, Muscledon Blue, the healthy version of CHICKEN CORDON BLEU. This high protein, low carb chicken dish will provide your body with the right nutrition and the fuel… Read more »