Luck – Video Blog

Greg answers a member’s question about getting into the health and fitness industry and shares powerful life lessons on success. The only equation that yields true success is one absent of luck. Luck, at best, is having a trained and mastered ability ready to be called upon given the opportunity, any other form of luck… Read more »

Core Values Workout

To build something that stands the test of time, you must build upon a solid foundation. In the gym, that foundation rests on the strength of our core. If you focus on building a strong core the right way, you not only get the cut six pack, you get an entire body that is strong… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Power Pancakes

Start your day with the real breakfast of champions, Greg’s Power Pancakes, a meal that delivers results while Greg takes you into the mindset of winning the nutritional war by outlining the blueprint to a successful daily diet regime. This high energy breakfast is packed with protein to fuel your muscle growth, complex carbs to… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Muscle Balls

Greg shares his recipe for another delicious, post-workout meal that will take your hard work in the gym and help you get 110% of your effort out of it, Muscle Balls, the healthy version of meat balls. This high protein, low carb dish is easy to prepare and will provide your body with the right… Read more »

Shoulderized Workout

What you shoulder in life is what you get back in reward. Champions shoulder more than the bare minimum of their responsibilities. In his Shoulderized Workout, Greg takes you into the gym and teaches you to fall in love with the pain, as it is the glue to any transformation. Get ready to leave the… Read more »

Morning Nutrition – Video Blog

Greg breaks downs EXACTLY what he takes every morning to get his day started before his morning workout. Hear from Greg himself as he shares his morning nutritional regimen and discusses in-depth the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and supplements he takes before the gym. Greg breaks down what each one does and exactly how much he… Read more »

The Transformation Mentality – Video Blog

Every personal transformation must have one basic ingredient if it is going to be successful. In this new video blog, Greg helps a member struggling to stay the course in their transformation by identifying what is missing and what Greg feels has been the most important internal value to all his personal transformations. Greg discusses… Read more »

Jamaica Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

  Journey with Greg and go behind the scenes in Jamaica for an exclusive look at a photo shoot never before seen. Travel along as Greg takes you around Jamaica to multiple shooting spots starting with a pre shoot workout in a local Jamaican gym before hitting multiple beaches, historical landmarks and breathtaking hilltop vistas…. Read more »

Armed – Full Arm Workout

  “They say if it is not broken, don’t fix it. Well, if it could be better, it is as good as broken.” Get Armed for life as Greg leads you through a punishing arm workout guaranteed to unleash the growth while arming you with the mental toughness to blast through the obstacles life throws… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Garlic Soup

Greg shares his recipe for another amazing meal that will take your hard work in the gym and help you get 110% of your effort out of it, Garlic Soup. This high protein, low carb soup is easy to prepare, provides your body with the right nutrition and fuel your muscles need for maximum growth,… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – On The Go: Pita Style

Greg invites you into his kitchen and shares his recipe for a quick, on the go, pita sandwich, that will fuel you up fast and get you back in the game. This quick sandwich recipe is easy to make, low carb, and loaded with the protein that your muscles need to grow after an intense… Read more »

Grass Drills – Ignition Series Workout

Ignite your fitness level with Greg’s new Ignition Series Workouts. These workouts were designed by Greg for any level of experience, but have been tailored towards those at the beginner and intermediate level. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, young, old, male, female, or a trainer looking for a great workout for novice clients, these… Read more »