Grass Drills – Ignition Series Workout

Ignite your fitness level with Greg’s new Ignition Series Workouts. These workouts were designed by Greg for any level of experience, but have been tailored towards those at the beginner and intermediate level. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, young, old, male, female, or a trainer looking for a great workout for novice clients, these… Read more »

Day In The Life – Front Door Transformation

When you improve one thing in your life, making it the best it can be, the part of your life that you improved serves as a beacon to show flaws in other areas of your life and what else can be transformed. Greg illustrates this powerful metaphor in this new Day In The Life video,… Read more »

CHAOS – Chest Domination Workout

“Once in the burn state, the longer you stay there, the hotter it gets and the harder your body dries.” Greg turns up the intensity to a whole new level with a chest workout that you have never seen the likes of before. The combination of exercises, muscle confusion, reverse ordering and lifting techniques in… Read more »

Ignition Series: Bedroom Workout

  In the latest installment of Greg’s Ignition Series Workouts, the Bedroom Workout, Greg shows you how to transform your body in the comfort of your own room. The Bedroom Workout utilizes items you already have in your house to eliminate any expense in gym memberships, gym equipment, travel time; basically, this workout takes the… Read more »

A Photographer’s Final Shoot – Behind The Scenes

Greg takes you behind the scenes for a special photo shoot, as one of the photographers who first shot Greg early in his career prepares to retire. Greg invites you along as he travels to Kansas City, Missouri to shoot with his friend and colleague one last time. The Members Section contains 200 videos… Read more »

Replacing The Shitter – Day In The Life

“The only thing worse than someone talking shit, is a shitter that talks.” In a new Day In The Life video, Greg demolishes and replaces his broken toilet, showing you how you can do this yourself, while also using this project as a metaphor for replacing people in your life who talk a good game,… Read more »

Push Performance Workout

“When the winds of life don’t hit your sails, you grab the oars of life and you start pushing.” Greg shows you how to push yourself as he leads you through Push Performance, his complete chest, shoulder, and tricep burnout workout. This triple super set workout consists of two rounds, a punishing round of mass… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Regret Free Cookie Dough

Greg whips up a dessert that’s not damaging, as he invites you into his kitchen and shows you how to prepare Regret Free Cookie Dough. This no-bake cookie recipe will fuel your body with tons of protein, good carbs, and healthy fats. Get ready to snack without resentment as you enjoy these cookies made with… Read more »

Inside Fitness Workout & Cover Shoot

“Everyone goes to the gym and plays it safe, you have to take calculated risks in life if you ever want to get the prize.” Greg takes you out of your safe zone and out to the Las Vegas desert as he shoots the workout for the latest issue of Inside Fitness magazine. Go behind… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Surfer Tacos

Get ready for Surfer Tacos, Greg’s version of fish tacos with a healthy twist. Go into the kitchen with Greg as he serves up these tacos made with red snapper and Greek yogurt, for high-protein, and avocado and vegetables, providing good fats and vitamins. This easy to prepare meal is loaded with the fuel your… Read more »

C-Block Workout

“If tomorrow doesn’t happen, would you still do what you’re about to do today? If that answer is no, you’re alive, but you’re not living.” Prepare to change your life up and get your upper body ready for the all-out assault of Greg’s Cinder Block Workout. First, Greg shows you how to gather the materials… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Power Shrooms

Greg invites you into his kitchen as he whips up Power Shrooms, a healthy dish that’s perfect for watching the game or as an appetizer before a big meal. This amazing snack is made with organic mushrooms loaded with B vitamins, providing you with a natural energy boost; crab and Parmesan cheese, giving your muscles… Read more »