Deltoid Dominance Workout

“Strength is not found in the victory, it’s found in the hardships and what you overcome to get the victory.” Prepare for great hardship, as Greg leads you through Deltoid Dominance, his punishing shoulder workout that will hit your delts from every angle with exercises you have never seen before. This all out assault on… Read more »

Outdoor Living Space Construction

“Rotting wood is like a disease in your body, if you don’t tear it out, eventually it will tear you down. Make today the day you stop the bleeding, only then can you truly start living.” Greg illustrates this powerful metaphor in this new Day In The Life video, where, with his father, he rebuilds… Read more »

Bodies of Work – Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with Greg to Las Vegas for’s Bodies of Work photo shoot. Get an exclusive look as Greg is shot for this special feature for that highlights the beauty, power, and potential of the human body. The Members Section contains 215 videos and is updated weekly.

Iron Man Cover Shoot – Behind The Scenes

Greg gives you an inside look as he shoots the March 2013 cover of Iron Man Magazine and the campaign for MET-Rx’s new product Torabolic with photographer Michael Neveux. Go behind the scenes for this intense photo shoot as Greg takes you both in and outside the gym and shows you how the cover comes… Read more »

The Energy Between Confidence And Fear

With success comes bigger and larger challenges in life. What happens when those larger challenges present themselves and you don’t have the confidence to tackle them and let fear of failure settle in? Greg tackles this question in this new video blog, explaining how you can fight false perceptions of yourself and grow your confidence… Read more »

Day In The Life – Garage Doors

We are all born with the same raw materials of life. In a metaphor for the fact that we can all create something magical with our lives, Greg uses some raw materials to build some impressive garage doors, showing that by having a clear vision, confidence, and putting in the sweat equity, that you can… Read more »

Cause & Effect Workout

Get ready to tear your back and chest up with Greg’s intense Cause & Effect Workout. The barrage of exercises unleashed in this push pull, superset battle plan will blow away the old you as it gives birth to the new, stronger you. Are you playing the lead role or an extra role in the… Read more »

Shrimp Kabobs With An Edge

Greg shares his recipe for another delicious meal that will take your hard work in the gym and help you get 110% of your effort out of it, Shrimp Kabobs. This meal will provide your body with the right nutrition and the fuel your body needs to grow your muscles after an intense workout. Greg… Read more »

Bicep Bragging Rights Workout

Greg leads you into battle to earn your Bicep Bragging Rights. The abuse unleashed upon your biceps in this gym workout will be so extreme, that your biceps will fight back and grow! True champions are quiet and don’t need to brag. Find out if you’re one, after pushing yourself past your limits to complete… Read more »

Critics and Peer Pressure – Video Blog

In a powerful new video blog, Greg dives into pressures in life, explaining how internal pressure builds a foundation of success, while external pressures can bear down on you and destroy that success. If you are working towards building a better you and finding the negativity of others to be an obstacle, you can’t miss… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Ahi Tuna Salad

New in Greg’s Cookbook, Greg shares his recipe for Ahi Tuna Salad, a meal that will give your muscles what they need to grow after an intense workout. Plus, it’s fast and easy to make and also delicious. In Greg’s Cookbook, Greg shares his recipes, supplements, and more. Learn the secrets that Greg uses to… Read more »

Lifting Away The Last Percent of Body Fat

Are you close to reaching your fitness goals, but can’t seem to get rid of that last bit of body fat? Greg dives into this topic in an all-new video blog, providing training strategies to burn off that final body fat that is keeping you from reaching your final goal. If you are giving it… Read more »