Back Belief Workout

“Without a plan for your own life, you become part of the plan for someone else’s life.” Greg takes you into the gym for his punishing Back Belief Workout. This intense workout will build your back, your belief in yourself, and the confidence to create the life you’ve always wanted. Complete the workout outlined in… Read more »

Inside Fitness Cover Shoot

With photographers ‘photo shopping’ models into shape to be cover images, the public is starting to wonder what the truth is. In an attempt at something never done before, Greg answers the question with the crowd being the verdict as the cover is shot LIVE in front of thousands. Go behind the scenes of Inside… Read more »

Essential Elements For A Successful Bulking Phase

Want to put on quality muscle mass without adding body fat? In this new 40 minute video blog, Greg dives deep into his proven bulking strategy for adding lean muscle mass as he presents a five point battle plan that will guarantee your bulking phase success. When you are done viewing this blog, you’ll not… Read more »

Pectoral Pride Workout

“Your greatest hour will come right after your worst hour of despair. That is when you’ll find out who you truly are.” Will you have the strength of personal pride or will you show the weakness of ego? Greg’s Pectoral Pride Workout will push you to build that personal pride as you shatter your physical… Read more »

How Many Meals Should I Eat? – Video Blog

How many meals do you need each day to achieve your fitness goals? Greg tackles this question in this all new, 20 minute video blog, providing nutrition strategies you can use to determine when, what, and how often to eat in order to create the body you want.

How Long Should My Workout Be?

Confused about how long your workout should last based upon your fitness goals? Depending on whether you’re looking to build mass or increase your physical endurance and burn fat, Greg breaks it all down for you in this new 25 minute video blog. Greg provides training strategies, factors to determine how long you should train… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Muscle Pizza

New in Greg’s Cookbook, Greg serves up Muscle Pizza, a delicious meal that will provide your body with the right nutrition and fuel it needs to grow after an intense workout. This recipe will take your hard work in the gym and help you get the maximum growth benefit out of it. Greg shares the… Read more »

Bouncing Back – A Day Of Remembrance

“We all fall down, the question is who gets back up?” In this new Day In The Life video, Greg goes bungee jumping on the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, a metaphor of the fact that after 9-11, America bounced back.

“The Leg Up” Workout

“There are two types of pain in this world, pain that hurts you and pain that changes you.” Greg’s “Leg Up” Workout promises to deliver the pain of change as it transforms your lower body. In life, you’re either first place or forgotten. Complete the workout outlined in this 55 minute instructional workout video and… Read more »

The Economic Struggle – Video Blog

Going through tough times? Greg tells his story, and that of a member, of being tested in life to the ultimate degree. Greg shares important life lessons and explains how, when you have built the foundation of your life on the correct things, you can pull through any situation. If you are going through a… Read more »

Recess Lights – Day In The Life

In a blast from the past, Greg shares part of his life with the ones he loves the most. Follow him as he shows you how to bring light into your room that builds value in your home, a simple process anyone can achieve, in this personal day in the life video. The Members… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Muscle Loaf

Get ready to fuel your muscles with the protein they need to grow, when you serve up Greg’s Muscle Loaf, Greg’s protein-packed version of meat loaf. Step into Greg’s kitchen as he shows you how to make this old favorite with an extra muscle-building twist. This low-carb meal made with lean turkey, provides the perfect… Read more »