The Art of Fasting – Video Blog

Greg answers a member’s question about fasting. While researching fasting, Greg discovered that there is more to it than just losing weight. Greg explains all the benefits of fasting, even for those looking to gain lean mass, and plans on going on his own fast and reporting back.

Public Appearance Motivation

Walk with Greg as he goes on multiple speaking engagements on motivation to crowds packing rooms and auditoriums around the world. Greg has spoken throughout the United States and England, Peru, Costa Rica, Columbia, Panama, Rome and many more. Greg pours his heart and soul out in every engagement putting the crowd’s questions and vision… Read more »

Greg Named MET-Rx’s 2013 Athlete of The Year

MET-Rx Engineered Nutrition announced Greg Plitt as their 2013 Athlete of the Year. Greg has been on more than 200 covers and more than anyone in the world for over the last 7 years. Greg has been on a cover every month somewhere in the world, each month, for over 6 years. Throughout all those… Read more »

Greg Lands Campaign For MET-Rx’s Torabolic

Greg lands the campaign for MET-Rx’s Torabolic and his image was placed on the packaging of the product, the first time MET-Rx has put an athlete on their product packaging.