2 day Shoot in 2 different cities & Arnold Classic LIVE

Teamed up with my friends at Inside Fitness for a 2 day shoot in 2 different cities: Toronto, Canada and Columbus, Ohio.  Travel with us as we take on a unique workout shoot that is sure to break plateaus in your gym endeavors and challenge not just the body with muscle confusion but also the… Read more »

Character – The Missing Integrity to the Industry

For any negotiation to be successful, you must posses the ability to walk away at any point. There is only one thing that can never be negotiated…ones character. The character of an individual is the most valuable assets, and at the end of the day, the foundation of all the success you will achieve. If… Read more »


New Arm workout unlike any other on a 2-2-1 split facet that will destroy any plateau you are facing in your arm routine. Call this workout ‘Arma-Get-Some’ as it is an Armageddon destruction of our internal belief that we can only go so far in life, we destroy that mentality where limitations exist and give… Read more »

Midnight Action & Rogue Book Covers

Check out all-new Behind the Scenes video! Greg shoots Back-to-Back book covers for Midnight Action and Rogue available now. Click Here to View Now!

PPXXII: The Pain of Progress

There are two forms of pain, the pain that breaks you and the pain that changes you. Question is are you ready to change?

Australia Theater Speech – Part 1 of 5

Part 1 of 5 from Greg’s speech in Australia of October 2014. Very powerful speech from Greg as he touches base on everything from his family, his struggles, successes, failures both in the industry and in everyday life. Click Here To Watch Now….