I have seen many seasons of life… some up, some down… some desperate, suicidal, helpless, lost. These have all been personal thoughts of mine. Through the worst and best, I’m proud to say I was never defined by the situation of time in my life. I remain defended by my internal belief of tomorrow, not today, and the ability to endure all for the possibility of the impossible. Battles I have fought, but still stand and stronger for it. I have been blessed by many who have given me the strength to fight another day. Life tells all what you can and cannot do… this video PROUDLY tells all…’FUCK YOU…JUST DID IT!’

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Greg’s trained tens of thousands of people online, providing motivation and information in all areas of health and fitness. GregPlitt.com walks you through all the workouts, motivation, supplementation, diet, nutrition, rest patterns, and answers all your hard questions.

Ross – Scotland, UK

this is my testomonial to greg.. the before pic was taken 4 months before the after. with him as my motivation i was able to from being a fat lazy nobody ( 230 lbs) to a lean , fit , confident person ( 198 lbs).. greg has been the biggest inspiration and id just love… Read more »

Jeffrey – Plainfield, New Jersey

Being a Professional Firefighter for the past 23 years I’ve always kept in shape and exercised. I never paid attention to my diet and always did the same routines over and over. After seeing pics from a family vacation it was apparent that what I was doing was’nt working. Then I found the Gregplitt site. Greg’s entire life has been dedicated to health and fitness…. Read more »


I took the photo on the left a year ago when i had no job, no money, no strength… safe to say things have changed now motherfucker on the left!!! 😀

Seb – London, England

Hey Greg, I’ve been a subscriber to your website for a little over a year now, so when it came time to re-subscribe I didn’t hesitate! Having watched your videos and advice I have to say it has sunk in and really helped me achieve my fitness goals. Your dedication and commitment are really inspiring and I personally… Read more »


Thank you for being an inspiration and continuing to be a positive motivation in so many peoples lives. I just turned 21 and I share the same dream. Keep doing work brothaaaa!!!!!


Hey Greg Just would like to say THANK YOU so much for answering my question on your Video Blog it meant the world to me, and you truly are a huge motivation. Your Videos have been a huge help in helping me Transform my body and Hopefully I can enter the Fitness modeling world when… Read more »

Luis – Houston, Texas

I just wanted to thank you for all your help, information and most all motivation. Keeping tuned to your site with the weekly updates has gotten me through preparing for my first body building/fitness model competition. It was those times that I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore and then I checked your sites for… Read more »


Greg, I just wanted to say that you have truly inspired me beyond belief. For YEARS I have tried to reach my fitness potential, and due to your integrity and willingness to share your knowledge, I can say I’m almost there. This before photo was taken in 2009, right around when your new website has… Read more »

Nick G

I wanted to tell you thank you so much for taking the time to consider me as a possible candidate for your video. You’ll never fully know just how much this means to me. I want to thank you for being yourself and doing what you do best. You’ve shown me that simply doing what… Read more »

Ryan G.

My name is Ryan G. from Bakersfield California. Gregplitt.com opened up a new world for me. My workouts actually became productive and I discovered a new passion I didn’t have before. I truly transformed.

Mark V – Rockford, Illinois

Greg Plitt has changed my life in the gym and outside of the gym! His attitude has truly been inspirational to my work ethic in my everyday life in the gym, at work, and at home. I have a better attitude and a happier family! Thank you!!! The TRUTH! Greg Plitt…Motivational, Inspirational, & Influential! Those three words don’t even… Read more »

Sheevi – India

hi, i m a member of ur priceless page for a long time now -( ) , i was 108 kg fat guy before 😀 , now down to 83 kg with a very less %age body fat , lost all weight heathy way with no stretch marks or crash diets ,just working my butt… Read more »