One picture of my first shooting – thank you for inspiring me and sharing all your knowledge. Without you and your website I would have never left my ‘comfort zone’ to become the best I can ever be. It might be an endless journey… but when your mind is ready for this, nothing will ever… Read more »

Hardijs – Riga, Latvia

The site is amazing. It really changed the way I look at life. I feel like anything is possible now. My dreams ar getting so big that I can’t tell them to anybody. They will think that I am crazy but I don’t care. Greg made me believe that there is nothing in the way… Read more »

Lee – Melbourne, Australia

Greg, you’ve taught me to no longer care what “they” think and start caring about what “I” think. That one piece of information has been enough to get my ass back in the gym time and time again. I’m 6 weeks into my journey and can’t believe the changes. Thank you so much. You are… Read more »

Brian – Williamstown, New Jersey

Hey Greg, Here is what I was able to do in the last 12 weeks(Jan 2-Mar 26) using a lot of the workouts and ideas I got from your videos. 6’2 205 down to 183. Thanks man!