Hey Greg, just wanted to say how happy I am to have found your website. I’ve been working out for almost 8 months now but have gained more in the last month i’ve been watching your videos than the whole time!! Thanks heaps, keep up the good work!

Philipp S

Hey Greg, you gave me the knowledge, the strength and the motivation to become who I am now. There is no website on the net which could ever compete against yours!

Thomas D

At the age of 21 I weighed 115 pounds, after years of pushing  myself beyond my own limits at the gym, I now weigh in at 175 pounds with 5% body fat. I was able to prove to myself that hard work and determination pays off, and anyone is capable of doing so. When I graduated high… Read more »


Thanks Greg for All motivation you give it to me!!! I want more and more and more!!! I want it all!!!


after my abs workout at home! listening to GREG PLITT quotes! :)) just awesome!!


Hey greg, you are my fitness inspiration.. my first fitness shooting


Greg, thank you for all your amazing videos and advice – I would never be able to have the mental focus and drive I have if I hadn’t known of you a couple years ago. ‘Sweat Equity’ and I’m claiming a lifelong royalty of self-belief and confidence.. BOOM!.. and it’s only just the beginning! Top… Read more »


Thank you for being such a big inspiration for me to transform my body and change my mentality on life! I can’t wait to meet you in person one day and tell you how much motivation you have given me to go out there and achieve my goals. Now I’m just feeling so high off… Read more »


This is my progress for the last 6 months!


Hey i’m like such a huge Greg Plitt fan and this is the result.


you’re definitely a figure i aspire to be and helped me transform my body! thanks Greg!