Mark V – Rockford, Illinois


Greg Plitt has changed my life in the gym and outside of the gym! His attitude has truly been inspirational to my work ethic in my everyday life in the gym, at work, and at home. I have a better attitude and a happier family! Thank you!!!

Greg Plitt…Motivational, Inspirational, & Influential! Those three words don’t even begin to describe how Greg has changed my life and my families. When I graduated college in 2006 I was in great shape…a lean and cut 190 lbs. Then four years later I weighed in at 233 lbs! I initially just wanted to lose 10-15 lbs. Which I did, but then I stumbled across an online workout video of Greg and I’ve been hooked on his motivational, life changing, and BAD ASS videos ever since! I’ve gone on to lose almost 45 lbs and down four pant sizes in the last year. I am back in great shape!
And I’m still not satisfied. I’m hungrier than ever to continue to better my life. While I’ve lost weight I’ve gained confidence. I also have a lot more energy for my 2 year old son and my wife…which also may be the result of our 2nd son being due in about 5 weeks!
Lastly, you need to get some bracelets made that say WWGD. Because whenever I need motivation or if I question if I should eat this or stay away from that, I ask myself, “What would Greg do?” From the bottom of my heart, I truly want to thank you for being a life changer, for changing my life and my families.
Thank you Greg, for bringing us THE TRUTH!


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Greg Plitt

Greg Plitt