Depression Versus Self Perception


Many see depression as a disease and a negative cancer in the body, I see it as a tool to use for self discovery, a luxury, at best, as you are in a state of self pity as opposed to a state of survival. Depression, if one is strong enough to face it honestly, will be a multiplier to a life filled with happiness. After your worst hour of despair, your greatest hour of strength usually follows. Depression is a state of mind, not a state of reality and it is the power of the individual that feeds it or kills it by understanding their power of self perception. The underlining truth to any situation is not as strong as the perception on how you see that situation. Follow me as I answer a member’s question on depression and go into many personal stories where I was faced head to head with the darkest of depression. See how I found my way out which might help you to see your way out as well.