Men’s Muscle & Health Magazine Cover Shoot


Be sure you don’t sleep though the magic of life!! Flight from Los Angeles to Australia for a 2 day speaking endeavor…. I took the opportunity to shoot with an amazing team that produces MMH (Men’s Muscle and Health Magazine). Had to do the shoot at 6am on Sunday due to limited time in country and speaking schedules. People ask how Australia was, I say, “I have no idea of the location besides the airport, hotel and convention.” I also say, “Cannot wait to return!” I say such because what I saw in the moment of work was far beyond what I expected and can only imagine what else the people of the land can express in normal life settings. In life we get so caught up with what we are doing, as if we are the universe and all is rotating around us…. so not the case… it is the external energy, if anything, that brings the life into our universe that we feel all pivots from. Perspective is a tool of strength or weapon against us… make the most of the time you have! Here is a 6am shoot I did to make the moment count, a moment that yielded not just a cover, but three people I am honored to know and will forever call my friends…. they have no idea how much I gained from meeting them! It sucked getting up at 4am for the shoot, but I cannot imagine 4 hours of sleep to provide more than the lifelong memory that I was blessed to encounter by getting out of bed! Be sure you don’t sleep though the magic of life!!

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