Metaball Fitness System

Greg Plitt Metaball

I’m very excited to share with you a journey of mine for over the last five years of my life that finally after tremendous determination, diligence, sacrifice and over 15 years of education in the fitness field has finally come to fruition. This product and system is my first and only product I created and one that I couldn’t be more excited to share with all my members and friends. I have been witness to so many campaigns, products and false claims in the fitness industry that promise all and deliver nothing. I got so sick and tired of what I saw that I set out to create a product and program system that delivered on its promise. This product has been mastered, re-mastered, tested and re-tested. I have put my blood, sweat and tears into this system and the results and value are unmatched on the market. Imagine going out and buying a complete dumbbell system, a complete kettle bell system, a complete medicine ball system, push up bars, rotational push up and body agility rings, complete door system, band system and ankle weight system. Then, imagine a complete 12 workout DVD routine program of the latest in exercise science proven to transform anyone from all ages, genders and fitness levels to include people with physical limitations. Add on nutritional guides, workout guides, and step by step instructions day by day. THEN, imagine it all travels with you while you transform your physique, life and confidence whether in the gym, a group class, at home, hotel, on the beach, vacation or simply in your back yard.  Sound too good to be true? Well, it was until now because it has never existed!  Please join me in saying hello to the METABALL FITNESS SYSTEM and for the first time, you can have it for yourself in a special pre order launch before the rest of the public even gets to hear about it. Please check out GETMETABALL.COM to see what over 5 years of hard work has turned into as well as multiple videos about the product and countless transformations!!