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BBQ Remodel

A lot of people go to shrinks and sit on a coach to talk their problems out to a complete stranger, not me! I take my problems to a construction project and through the transformation of the physical project at hand, I mentally work through any stress in my life. In my most recent ‘Day in the Life Video’ I remodel an old outdoor BBQ bar and grill. The BBQ grill has many wonderful memories from my past, but we must always live in the present and have our eyes on the future. Success, as great as it is, it can never define who you are, you must always define success. Sometimes ripping out the old memories (physically and mentally) you give life to the future while taking the past with you into the future instead of living in the past like many do. Walk with me on a physical transformation and see how I use construction projects to deal with mental stress to find clarity and freedom.