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Life’s Gut Check

Very emotional video blog for me after reading hundreds of letters from people asking me how to find the motivation to see your dreams through. I lose myself in emotion as I answer this issue and I struggle with my words as I recap an experience in my own life.  A struggle where I was on my own to figure out who I knew I could be OR fall to the waste line of society and be forgotten. I’ve read the hundreds of emails, all the same issue, same underlying question, yet different in their own right. My journey is no different than anyone’s out there or any letter I read and I am no better either, yet I sit here and am asked by people (probably stronger than me in their own right) how to achieve their dreams….it saddens me, pisses me off, motivates me, drives me….and in this video blog, I lose my way and run on emotion because I have been there and will be there again and THIS is how I SUCCEEDED IN IT!!  Remember, If I can, so can you. Welcome to ‘Life’s Gut Check!’