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Power of Death

‘Death is a perspective wake up call, accountability and a very huge responsibility that we always take for granted. In my latest video blog, ’THE POWER OF DEATH,’ I will show you a 15 minute personal video where death knocked on my door and I lost one I loved while on my watch. I will explain the value of death, where we gain more then we lose. I will explain why there is no fear of it and empower you to live the blessing of life that you haven’t felt before. I am not an expert on the subject, just one that has lost more then I hope most have and how I see loss as strength, how I celebrate them, how they make me stronger, better and have the ability to not just live, but be alive. Very emotional Video Blog for me, touching a very deep part of my heart I open up to you that I share cause I feel you will be strengthened by it.