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Speed Bag Cardio Workout

Speed Bag Cardio is a HIIT workout that will build the endurance of the muscles, increase aerobic conditioning and enhance eye-hand coordination without robbing you of the muscle tissue you are trying to build like conventional cardio workouts. This workout consists of 10 rounds of madness in a boxing theme utilizing the heavy bag and speed bag. You might not be good at either now, not to worry as you don’t have to be great to start this workout, but you do have to start it to be great. I’m sick of hearing people tell me ‘someday’ they are going to do something…last I looked the days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday….where the fuck is this ‘Someday’ they are talking about? Stop utilizing your mouth to build your name, start utilizing your heart, will, belief and put action behind your words. Speed Bag Cardio will build you the endurance to take on all the endeavors you dream of today, let the others talk of someday achieving them….we are setting the trends for them to follow ‘someday!’