Travel into the mindset of Greg as he shares personal life stories of failure, pain, success and conviction as well as member’s heartfelt questions. He will show his way of thinking on all battles in life…some minor, some major….but then again, how does anything get major before it is minor?
Greg’s Video Blog Live (VBL) section provides in-depth answers to not only the fundamentals of the gym, but the mentality of life that exists in the gym and overflows into life itself.
Greg dives into his own fears and failures and uses his personal stories as examples on how he found his way to find strength and determination. The way we see things, handle things, change things and find drive through challenges such as adversity, depression, success, failure, pain, pride, and love will determine the person you are!
Let’s have the courage to go deep into the greatest muscle we have, our MINDS and find out how we tick so we can tick better….together