DBR 1 – Dreams Become Reality


No one wants to live a life unremembered, all want to be someone of principal, a value to others, an example of excellence, but few are…WHY? I feel it isn’t because they don’t know the difference between right vrs. wrong, commitment vrs. procrastination, or internal belief vrs. popularity…it’s because the journey to the higher road of life starts to hit walls and failures, they lose their drive….they lose their motivation and aspiration to see it through and stand in the halls of history because the pain it too much to endure. Know your dreams have been achieved by others with far less ability then you, and why? Because they believed beyond a doubt they can achieve and welcomed adversity to achieve it.

DBR 1 – Dreams Become Reality….They’re your dreams….will they be your reality? Stay strong, failure is temporary….giving up is permanent….you’re stronger then you think!!!