Family of Greg Plitt Announces New Nonprofit, Team Plitt, Inc.


The family and friends of Greg Plitt have collaborated to officially form Team Plitt Inc., a nonprofit organization to help youth transform their lives. A former West Point Graduate, American Fitness Model, Actor, Motivational Speaker, Certified Personal Trainer, and Army Captain, Greg Plitt was an inspiration to people all over the world. Greg Plitt Sr., and his wife Janet Plitt, along with Greg’s sister, Virginia created Team Plitt Inc. to help others as a tribute to Greg’s legacy.

Coming together in the aftermath of Greg’s death, Greg’s family and friends wanted to keep his dreams alive by forming a nonprofit organization in honor of Greg’s accomplishments. After a year of planning the organization has finally come to fruition, and the prospect of motivating children to pursue their educational and fitness goals is at the heart of the organization. The Mission of Team Plitt Inc. is to help children and young adults transform their lives by providing leadership, character-building and motivational tools, along with proper nutrition and fitness methods, enabling them to achieve strong self-esteem, resulting in overall wellness, social and academic success.

Greg Plitt was passionate about motivating kids, and Team Plitt has been created to leadership, character-building and mentoring tools, offering scholarships to children of Veterans, Active Duty Military Personnel and Veterans KIA, and grants for children to attend summer sports camp. The newly formed nonprofit will work to help children using the motivational tools to achieve goals that Greg lived by, and the Team Plitt Challenge Program will play an integral part in achieving that goal. “Greg was passionate about fitness and he loved mentoring and challenges,” Virginia said. “I remember growing up Greg and I constantly did sports together and challenged one another, and the whole family did activities together through the years.” The Team Plitt Challenges Program acts as the support tool for funding the Team Plitt Scholars Program, while promoting fitness for all who participate. After consulting with nonprofit experts, the Plitt family worked for months to put the organization together so that it would benefit children. A unanimous decision was made to set up Team Plitt programs to benefit youth, and to gear all of the programs towards achievement.

Team Plitt Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, EIN 81-1138707.

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