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  • @GregPlitt New Cookbook vid, You’ve heard of the portabello mushroom, now say hello to the 6 pack Bello Shrooms #jointheranks http://t.co/YXcCp4KAqN
  • @GregPlitt Awesome seeing @50cent backstage at #iheartradio He killed it! Much respect for a fellow gym die harder..#SweatEquity http://t.co/9sJltrY7YA
  • @GregPlitt RT @asavostikova: My new book cover with @gregplitt 🔫🔪💉 #savostikova #gregplitt #ellekennedy #midnightaction http://t.co/w6CDMp8Naz
  • @GregPlitt RT @AdamVonSossan: @GregPlitt amazing video blog today. That blog alone is worth the 10$ for the month hands down. Definitely something eve…
  • @GregPlitt If you're @ Olympia on Sat @ 1pm stop by M&F for a special Q&A details here: http://t.co/sT5S2aOyqT #olympia #muscle&fitness #gregplitt

Power of Death

‘Death is a perspective wake up call, accountability and a very huge responsibility that we always take for granted. In Read More »