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  • @GregPlitt Posted a new 'Day in the Life' video today BBQ Remodel. See how I deal with mental stress to find clarity and freedom http://t.co/2p9qn7Ephg
  • @GregPlitt @eturk_ You mean I've got you trying to live up to your full potential and push yourself right? lol
  • @GregPlitt @A7Nour @stevecook_32 @BodyPowerExpo Make sure to come up to me and say Hi bro
  • @GregPlitt RT @terryfrendo: @gregplitt showing us how it's done @battleartsmma @stevenjaywong milanmiracle annababij @thefighthut… http://t.co/x2ruSuy
  • @GregPlitt @AbbieCWright Well said Yonce! Keep it up!