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  • @GregPlitt Crown Greg champ in Muscle&Fitness “16 Greatest Physiques of All Time” contest. Use #MuscleMadness & name him, on Twitter #legacyliveson
  • @GregPlitt Canada's #1 Fitness Magazine, @Inside_Fitness, included an amazing tribute to Greg in their April… https://t.co/3u42rxTdYR
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  • @GregPlitt New Plitt’s Pearls Posted - PPIV: THE POWER OF PROGRESS. Focus on YOUR path, not someone else’s http://t.co/BRXQdDHGpi
  • @GregPlitt New Plitt's Pearl: PPIII - INVINCIBILITY- Harder You Work, The More You Get. What better investment than in yourself? http://t.co/eFUtZHrMIN