Video Blog – Self Paralysis

Greg answers a member’s question about staying in shape while leading an active lifestyle in a new video blog.

Greg’s Full Court Press Total Body Workout

  This workout designed by Greg is for those who can only workout twice a week. If you give Greg an hour and a half, twice a week, he will turn your body around if you follow this workout with 110% effort. This workout is also an amazing way for the dedicated gym goers to… Read more »

Greg Lands Cover of Inside Fitness

Greg lands the August/September 2010 cover of Inside Fitness, Canada’s number one fitness magazine. This is Greg’s second cover for Inside Fitness in as many years.

Video Blog – Nutritional Mentality

Greg answers a member’s question about his “one meal a day” in detail and explains the mind-set of proper nutrition, in this all new 16 minute video. Greg also discusses eating if you’re trying to build muscle or lose fat.

Greg Makes Fitness Magazine History

For the first time in fitness magazine history, Greg Plitt lands back to back covers of the same magazine. On newsstands is the Fall 2010 issue of Exercise and Health. Greg has been on the cover of 9 of the 20 issues of Exercise and Health, see for yourself here.

Video Blog – Overtraining

Greg answers a member’s question about overtraining, including the warning signs, what you can do to avoid it, and how it can impede you from reaching your goals.

Video Blog – Recovering From An Injury

Greg answers a member’s question about recovering from injury. Greg explains his comprehensive method for dealing with injuries effectively, so you can recover faster and get back in the gym.

Greg’s Cookbook – Tilapia Dinner

Greg shares his recipe for a Tilapia dinner that will fuel your muscles and can be prepared in just 25 minutes! In Greg’s Cookbook, Greg shares recipes, supplements, diets and more. Learn the secrets that Greg uses to build his body only in the Members Section.

Video Blog – Lifting and Resting Tempos

Greg answers a member’s question about how to adjust your lifting and resting tempos based on your fitness goals. Greg explains the correct tempos for building mass, shaping, and power.

Greg’s ABSolute Power Abs Workout

Prepare yourself for ABSolute Power this 35 minute advanced abs workout video will take your core to the next level. ABSolute Power is just one of 22 instructional workout videos available to members.