Strong Man 2 Workout

“The only people who suck are those that don’t try.” Greg invites you to challenge yourself and break through your perceived limits in Strong Man 2, his all-new 40 minute instructional workout video. Join Greg as he guides you through shattering your notions of weakness and helps you discover how powerful you really are.

Essential, Must Have Supplements – Blog

Confused about what supplements to take, when to take them and which ones can really benefit you? In this new 30 minute video blog, Greg breaks down the essential supplements you need and answers all these questions and more. If you are suffering from supplement confusion, you can’t miss this blog.

FitnessRx Cover Behind The Scenes

Greg takes you behind the scenes to Gold’s Gym Venice, The Mecca of Bodybuilding, for an inside look at the shoot of the July 2011 issue of FitnessRx magazine. Watch America’s top fitness model work as he shows you how the cover all comes together.

Behind Your Fear Lies Your Life

What gives us the courage and the strength to fight our fears? In this powerful new video blog, Greg shares the personal stories of members and himself and how they have come up against adversity in their lives, faced their fears, and grown. If you are looking for a spark for your internal fire, you… Read more »

Head Strong Workout

You better have your head in the game before you attempt Greg’s Head Strong Workout! This intense gym battle plan was designed by Greg to annihilate your triceps and shoulders in extreme superset fashion. Are you a winner or a spectator? You’ll find out after taking the workout outlined in this 50 minute video into… Read more »

Guaranteed Fat Loss – Video Blog

Trying to lose some body fat and not seeing the results you want? Greg shares his strategies for guaranteed fat loss in this all new 30 minute video blog. If you just can’t seem to burn off that extra fat, Greg provides the tips you need to win the battle.

Whole 9 Yards Full Body Workout

Greg leads you into a battle for a better life with his Whole 9 Yards Full Body Workout. Prepare yourself for an aerial dogfight in the gym, as Greg takes you through this 60 minute instructional workout video. The barrage of exercises contained in Greg’s full body battle plan are not for the weak, but… Read more »

Bulking Phase Success Secrets – Video Blog

Trying to pack on quality muscle mass without adding fat? In this 30 minute video blog, Greg shares his bulking phase secrets for doing just that. Greg goes into detail explaining the workout, cardio, and diet strategies you’ll need in your arsenal to gain maximum muscle mass while keeping fat in full retreat.

Financial Security In a Fitness Career – Video Blog

Want to start a career in the fitness industry? Greg breaks down a five point plan that can work for you in any business endeavor, whether it’s becoming a fitness model or something else entirely. In this all-new video blog, Greg explains how to you can take belief in yourself, create value, and build it… Read more »

The Want Of Life – Video Blog

How do you keep your internal fire alive after suffering rejection and failing to reach your goals? In this powerful and inspiring video blog, Greg dives into this question, explaining where he goes for motivation and how you can fuel your “want” and defend it from being extinguished by adversity in life.

Greg’s Cookbook – Seafood Salad

New in Greg’s Cookbook, Greg serves up Seafood Salad. This delicious meal contains 150 grams of protein, only 4 grams of fibrous carbs, and good fats. It’s another great recipe that will take your hard work in the gym and help you get 110% of your effort out of it, providing your body with the… Read more »

Back Belief Workout

“Without a plan for your own life, you become part of the plan for someone else’s life.” Greg takes you into the gym for his punishing Back Belief Workout. This intense workout will build your back, your belief in yourself, and the confidence to create the life you’ve always wanted. Complete the workout outlined in… Read more »