Greg’s Cookbook – Muscle Loaf

Get ready to fuel your muscles with the protein they need to grow, when you serve up Greg’s Muscle Loaf, Greg’s protein-packed version of meat loaf. Step into Greg’s kitchen as he shows you how to make this old favorite with an extra muscle-building twist. This low-carb meal made with lean turkey, provides the perfect… Read more »

Greg Live At The Santa Clarita Fit Expo – Video Blog

In an all-new video blog, Greg brings you his hour long session from the stage at The Santa Clarita Fit Expo. Watch as Greg meets the fans and discusses supplementation, ab training, contest prep for Men’s Physique, building a career in the fitness industry, and much more in this exclusive video. The Members Section… Read more »

Bridge To Nowhere – Day In The Life

Journey with Greg and his friends to the Bridge to Nowhere, as they embark on a life-changing bungee jumping adventure. Watch as they face their fears and discover that, right behind those fears, is the life they always wanted to live. Everyone falls in life, but champions bounce back from adversity.

Chest Crusade Workout

“Don’t let the pain rob you of your belief of what you can be, because your body hears everything your mind says.” Prepare yourself to fight for that belief in what you can be, as Greg leads you through his Chest Crusade Workout. This all-out war will hit your chest from every angle as you… Read more »

Blitzkrieg Back Workout

“The burn is the bridge between having a goal and having an achievement.” Prepare to feel the burn as you never have before, as Greg leads you through his Blitzkrieg Back Workout. Gather your will for victory, as you battle your way through seven rounds of exercises that will hit your back from every angle…. Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Fisherman’s Filet Mignon

Greg invites you into his kitchen as he prepares the ultimate, muscle-building seafood meal, Fisherman’s Filet Mignon. This very low-carb, protein-packed dish is made with salmon, lump crabmeat, scallops, shrimp and snow crab legs; providing the fuel your muscles need to repair themselves and grow after an intense workout. Get ready to impress not only… Read more »

Romance Novel Cover Shoots

In two new videos, Greg takes you behind the scenes as he shoots the covers to two new romance novels, “Redemption” and “Caged Warrior.” Journey behind the camera with Greg as he gives you an exclusive look at how both of these projects came together and be sure to pick up your copies at a… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Chicken Growth Pie

Get ready to fuel your muscles with the protein they need to grow, when you serve up Greg’s Chicken Growth Pie, Greg’s healthy version of Chicken Pot Pie. Greg invites you into his kitchen as he shows you how to make this old favorite with an extra muscle-building twist. This delicious meal contains minimal carbs… Read more »

Wavelength Cardio Workout

“They say everybody lives outside their means. You must live outside your means of current conditioning if you ever want to grow.” Get ready to challenge your body and your mind, as Greg unleashes his Wavelength Cardio Workout. This high intensity muscle building cardio workout, will build the endurance of your muscles without robbing you… Read more »

30 Day Fit Test Workout

“In order to know where we’re going, we first must know where we are and where we’ve been. That’s what these tests are all about.” Prepare to test yourself, as Greg takes you through a rigorous series of six 60 second fitness tests to help you assess your fitness level. Take your results for these… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Seafood Sampler

Get ready for Greg’s combo of three muscle-building seafood meals, as Greg invites you into his kitchen and shows you how to make his Seafood Sampler. Greg combines shrimp, salmon, swordfish, scallops, and veggies to make kabobs, a seafood salad, and wraps. These three meals will fuel your body with tons of protein, good fats,… Read more »

Fitness Trainer Magazine Cover Shoot

“When you work hard, you get to enjoying working for what you love and that therefore it’s never work, it’s just love.” Greg illustrates this as he takes you on location to San Diego, California as he shoots the cover and editorial shots for Fitness Trainer Magazine. Get an inside look at how this shoot… Read more »