Greg’s Cookbook – Protein Steaks From The Sea

Greg invites you into his kitchen as he cooks up Protein Steaks From The Sea, a delicious seafood steak made from shrimp, crab, and scallops. This super low carb dish is loaded with lean protein, to fuel your muscles after an intense workout; omega 3 fatty acids, providing you with healthy fats; and B vitamins,… Read more »

Dangerous Expectations – Video Blog

Have you ever failed at something you expected you would accomplish? Greg offers his advice on this very situation in a powerful new video blog. Greg digs deep as he explains how, as in the gym, failure in life can make you stronger, if you know how to use it; why goals are good, but… Read more »

Bodyweight Beatdown Workout

“Only the weak go after things and attempt things that they already know they can achieve.” Prepare to be challenged as you never have before, as Greg unleashes his Bodyweight Beatdown Workout, which travels with you, inside or outside the gym. As you fight your way through this punishing 12-round circuit of bodyweight exercises, it’s… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Pita Punch

Greg invites you into his kitchen as he serves up his Pita Punch, a quick and easy to prepare pita sandwich that will help you get 110% out of your efforts in the gym. This high-protein, low-carb meal is made with chicken, to fuel your muscles after an intense workout; healthy greens, providing you with… Read more »

Rolling Out Recovery Time – Foam Rolling – Video Blog

“Comfort zones are deadly zones because you lose your true potential of what you can be, you start going with the status quo.” Greg uses foam rolling as a metaphor for life, as he challenges you to move out of your comfort zone and discover the benefits that foam rolling provides. Greg explains how foam… Read more »

Muscle & Performance Cover Shoot

Greg takes you to on location to Malibu, California as he shoots the Boot-Camp workout and cover for the July 2013 issue of Muscle & Performance magazine. Get an exclusive look as former Army Ranger Greg takes on the Boot-Camp Blitz workout and see how this unique shoot all comes together in this new behind… Read more »

Greg Live At The Santa Clarita Fit Expo – Video Blog

In an all-new video blog, Greg brings you his hour long session from the stage at The Santa Clarita Fit Expo. Watch as Greg meets the fans and discusses supplementation, ab training, contest prep for Men’s Physique, building a career in the fitness industry, and much more in this exclusive video. The Members Section… Read more »

Gun Blast Workout

“If you want to change what you see, you first have to change how you see things, then it comes down to your commitment to see that through.” If you think you have that commitment to change, Greg’s Gun Blast Workout will be the ultimate test of that commitment, as he unleashes a six-round, super-set… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – The Morning Muscle Meal

Greg invites you into his kitchen and shows you how to make a true breakfast of champions as he prepares The Morning Muscle Meal. This turkey bacon, sausage, chicken, and egg white dish is high protein and low carb, easy to prepare, and provides your body with a morning jump-start of the right nutrients it… Read more »

The Importance of Sleep – Video Blog

Missing out on sleep? Well, you’re also missing out on maximum muscle gains while increasing risk of injury and lowering your productivity level. In a new 45 minute video blog, Greg, combining the research and science with his real life experiences in the gym, breaks down everything you need to know about sleep. Greg goes… Read more »

Reps Cover Shoot – Behind The Scenes

Greg takes you to MagicLight Studios as he shoots the cover of this month’s upcoming issue of Reps Magazine with photographer Robert Reiff. Get an exclusive look at how this unique shoot, highlighting how the work you do inside the gym can help you turn the world outside the gym into your playground, all comes… Read more »

CrossFit: Is It For You? – Video Blog

  Greg dives into CrossFit, as a member seeks his advice on this growing sport. Greg explains the pros and cons of CrossFit and gives an in-depth account of what it involves. Depending on how you want to look, feel, and the size you want to be, Greg helps you decide if CrossFit is right… Read more »