CrossFit: Is It For You? – Video Blog

  Greg dives into CrossFit, as a member seeks his advice on this growing sport. Greg explains the pros and cons of CrossFit and gives an in-depth account of what it involves. Depending on how you want to look, feel, and the size you want to be, Greg helps you decide if CrossFit is right… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Swordfish Saffron Cut-Through

Greg invites you into his kitchen as he prepares Swordfish Saffron Cut-Through. This fish and vegetable dish is delicious, easy to prepare, and will provide your body with the protein your muscles need to grow after an intense gym session. The high protein and fiber in this meal will provide the ideal fuel to keep… Read more »

FitnessRx Cover Shoot – Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with Greg as he shoots his ninth cover for FitnessRx Magazine with photographer Per Bernal. Greg takes you on location for the cover shoot and then to a CrossFit gym as he shoots plyometric exercises, focusing on fast twitch muscle fibers, for the magazine’s interior. All the while, Greg illustrates how… Read more »

Abdominal Assault Workout

“You must believe in yourself enough to be the person now that you want others to remember you for later.” Get ready to go through the pain today for tomorrow’s betterment, as Greg leads you through his Abdominal Assault Workout. Greg takes you through 20 ab exercises you have never seen before in this brutal… Read more »

Living Room Reconstruction

“Life’s as good as you make it, today we made it good.” In a new Day In The Life video, Greg invites you along on a transformational journey as he completely demolishes and reconstructs his living room. As Greg completes this major project, he illustrates the life lesson that when you are going through any… Read more »

Life’s Gamble – Video Blog

The real gambling problem isn’t found in Vegas, but rather in the heart of individual where one believes in a winnable fight but never goes for it because they cannot lose what they have. If you aren’t willing to lose, then you will never grow. In a new powerful video blog, Greg shares a 5… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – Power Dogs

Greg invites you into his kitchen as he prepares Power Dogs, a healthy hot dog alternative. This chicken and vegetable dish is delicious, easy to prepare, and high in protein, providing your muscles with the fuel they need to grow after an intense workout. The lean protein and complex carbs in this meal will keep… Read more »

Never Looking Back Workout

“Winning isn’t everything, but training to win is. Having the will to win, that is everything.” Train to win with Greg as he leads you through his new Never Looking Back Workout. Make it through the barrage of exercises in this grueling back workout and, not only will you unleash the growth, but you’ll have… Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – The S Factor

Get ready for fast food Greg-style – good nutrition, done fast. Greg shows you how to prepare the S Factor, a simple, delicious salmon and spinach dish that takes only eight minutes to prepare. It’s the perfect fuel for growing muscles after an intense workout. The high protein content and fibrous carbs will keep you… Read more »

Waterwall Construction

  In an all-new Day In The Life video, Greg puts some Labor into the Labor Day weekend as he tackles the idea of building an outdoor waterwall feature. Greg takes you through the whole process step by step, giving you an exclusive, inside look at one of his construction projects from conception to completion…. Read more »

Greg’s Cookbook – The Builder’s Burger

Greg invites you into his kitchen as he takes another crowd favorite dish and creates a healthy version of it that tastes just as good. Prepare yourself for the Builder’s Burger, Greg’s low-carb, high-protein version of a hamburger. This shrimp and salmon alternative to the common hamburger will help you stay on your nutritional mission… Read more »

Increasing Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

As the New Year approaches, everyone’s looking for an advantage to help them reach their fitness goals for 2013. Some choose to turn to drugs for that advantage, but using a foreign substance only cheapens a person’s efforts, bringing them rewards that they didn’t truly earn. In a new video blog, Greg provides a healthy… Read more »